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I’m Amelia, a twenty-something blogger and social media content creator living in London ✨

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Join me as embark on my adventures as an advertising graduate, amateur photographer and Instagram addict, navigating my twenties one coffee shop at a time.

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Visiting Kew Gardens | Pandemic Days Out

Yes, even writing this title I know it sounds ridiculous. A day out in the middle of a pandemic? Crazy! But as restaurants, museums, gardens and local businesses are opening back with social distancing guidance,…


Top FREE Instagram editing Apps for Posts and Stories in 2020

Although Instagram is on a roll right now with endless filters, new fonts, interactive stickers and more GIFs than anyone could ever need, we’re eventually going to get tired of seeing the same few fonts and story styles. These free apps are perfect


Beauty Pie | Is It Worth the Hype?

Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to that has tried this members-only beauty club has become quickly obsessed. Myself included – my basket is rarely empty and I was sure to make a detour to the…


Let The Hunger Games Begin | My Graduate Job Search

TLDR; it’s soul crushing but it’s worth it. I’ve had the title of this post in my drafts for probably about 9 months as I planned to write about the graduate job search after finishing…


2010 | 2020

2010-2020 – You’ve been one heck of a decade. I did the majority of my growing up in the last 10 years, moved away to uni, lost loved ones, met new people and started my…


Exploring Southampton’s Heritage | God’s House Tower [Press Trip]

I think we’ve all said at one point “there’s nothing to do” in our hometowns. I’m guilty, I’ve thrown that phrase around for the past year and a half while living back at home after…