Race For Life 2014

Race For Life 2014

On Sunday 6th July myself and my friend Helena took part in the Southampton 10k Race For Life. The event encourages women that have been affected, or know someone that has been affected by cancer, to walk, run or jog to raise sponsors for the charity Cancer Research UK. I have taken part in the 5k event a few times, running in fancy dress and neon clothing, but this time felt that I needed to take it up a level and sign up for the 10k race.

After loosing my Dad to pancreatic cancer last year I felt it was the least I could do to help raise some money in his name. 

I know that this probably isn’t the best post to start my blog off with, but after recent events this week, it has encouraged me to post this. 

I don’t feel like I need to raise awareness for this disease as it is so widespread, and many people have either been affected themselves, or know of someone that has suffered. I just wanted to encourage people to get involved in raising money to support the research that is helping to discover cures for over 200 types of cancers, because although the topic is serious and upsetting, the atmosphere at the race was inspiring. So many people that were determined to kick cancers butt and do it while dressed up in pink Superman outfits (yes I did see one of those) is something worth getting involved in.

So far I have over £150 (and still counting) in online and cash donations, as well as sponsors that Helena has collected. 

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