Autumn, I love you

5 things that are making me happy

1. autumn colours

who needs an Instagram filter when you have natural autumn colours?

clothes, leaves, the sky all captured effortlessly with a natural sun flared sepia tone

2. coffee

i’ve never been a massive coffee lover, but recently i can’t resist milky caramel coffee. coffee#1 are definitely the best for a caramel macchiato. can’t wait for costa’s holiday theme drinks, mmm

3. my tartan scarf

yes, its back and its not going anywhere. my trusty tartan scarf, my favourite autumn/winter accessory. a gift i have treasured since my grandma gave it to me 3 years ago. why i love it so much i will never know.

4. stationary 

i have very little use for it, but it makes me happy.

5. new starts

here’s to a new job, and new opportunities. something I’m both scared and excited about. also university choices. ucas is killing me, but I’m just hoping it will all be worthwhile soon.

it doesn’t take much to keep me happy, and autumn will always be one of my favourite seasons. also i like a good list



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