888,246 poppies

After journeying all the way up to London on a Friday night to look at the Tower of London Poppies, turns out half of them have already been taken down. Trust my family to turn up a week late and miss the full display. Luckily half of the tower was still lit, and a few poppies remained.

888,246 ceramic poppies were installed around The Tower of London between the 5th of August and 11th of November 2014. Each one handmade to remember those who died in The First World War. The display is incredible and makes you realise how many lives were lost fighting for our country. 

If anyone gets the chance before they are all completely removed, I would recommend going to see them because the atmosphere is so inspiring and overwhelming, its hard to imagine what the full 888,246 display would have been like. For anyone that won’t get a chance to see them, check out this beautiful time-lapse from sunrise to sunset.

And of course as I was up in London I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of one of my favourite cities. Here are a few…

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