Italy: Pisa and The Amalfi Coast

We started our second week in Italy with a day trip to Pisa as we left Florence and headed for a small medieval town inland called Seggiano. The first few stops of the week were short ones, allowing us to see much more of the country, followed by our longest stay at the end of the trip on the Amalfi Coast. So prepare yourselves because there are a lot of photos! 

As expected there wasn’t much else to do in Pisa other than take your classic holding up the tower tourist photo. After we had done that and wandered around the grounds, we stopped for ice cream before getting back into the car and heading to our third stop of the trip, Seggiano. 

Seggiano was a beautiful authentic Tuscan town. We stayed in a Medieval AirB&B Tower with amazing views of the local town and background hills. I was unable to take many photos while we were here because we only had two days to spend exploring. The first day we spent at a natural spring, where we could swim in the little waterfalls and cover ourselves in the sulphur clay. The following day was spent at a little B&B lounging by the pool as this was our first opportunity to go swimming properly and relax.

We ventured back towards the coast as we set off early towards Castiglione Della Pescaia, a popular little beach town in Tuscany surrounded by a pine tree forest. The stay here was only two nights and one day, meaning we spent most of our time by the beach. We had a lovely evening swim when we had arrived as the waves were pretty choppy so being out in the sea was fun. The next day was again spent sunbathing, swimming and having lunch on the beach. 

We set off early for our final destination, as this was the longest journey and the whole day was spent driving along the west coast, all the way down to the very bottom of the country. This AirB&B rental was a hidden gem, advertised as an old house with a view, that its quite literally what it was, the scenery outside and the authentic feeling of the house made me really feel like I was in Italy. As you can see the view from our balcony was incredible, we could watch the cruise ships make there way into Vietri Sul Mare docks and also when it was clear see the hills on the horizon across the bay. 

The Amalfi Coast looked like a picture from a postcard, everywhere you look along the coast was picture perfect. The weather was stunning while we visited. These next few photos are from Amalfi Town, we spent a day here exploring the cobblestone streets and eating Pizza (of course) for lunch. 

On the way home we couldn’t help but stop often and take photos of the views. The road that follows the coastline has some incredible little towns and mountains that we couldn’t miss the opportunity to photograph.

On our last day of the trip we decided to visit the remains of Pompeii. What is left of the Ancient Roman Town/City is open for tourists to walk around and explore. Its hard to imagine what the city would have looked like before it was destroyed, but the archaeology site has been preserved as much as possible for people to be able to walk round and see what still stands. 

I just want to say a massive thank you to Julia, for taking me on a trip of a lifetime. Im so glad I got to see the places I did, explore this incredible country, and stay in some amazing AirB&B houses. I’ll miss you Italy, but I can’t wait for my next adventure! 

Thanks for reading! x

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