Life Update: Second Year

After a series of travel and photography blog posts its back down to earth as I settle back into student life again.

It seems like only yesterday I was filling up my car with an obnoxious amount of Ikea bags, an unnecessary amount of clothes and shoes, a bag full of alcohol and too many mugs. Its hard for me to believe that its been a year since I packed my bags and set off to Brighton. Freshers is now a distant blur, and thats not just because of the alcohol. This past year has been an absolute whirlwind, so much has happened and I wouldn’t have wished it to be any other way.

So now my second year is upon me, where my grades will actually count towards my degree. Scary stuff to come to terms with but I’m feeling happier about my modules for this year, and am settled with a great group of friends, and a stable job and income. 

Despite being back in Brighton now for just over a month, I have only been back in lectures for 3 weeks, spending the first 2 of those reliving the freshers experience. I was also lucky enough to see Mura Masa on the first night of his tour, and am looking forward to some other live music events I have planned over the coming months. 

Back at home my life has undergone some big changes, my parents have moved out of the house and village that I spent the last 11 years of my life growing up in. Although we haven’t moved too far, I still feel this has ended a big stage in my life. Always being a few minutes walk away from my friends, we are now not only further away because of where I live, but even further away due to the fact that we are all now at university. From Bristol to London to Exeter to Brighton, I am so happy to see them all doing the things I know they love and experience life in a new city, but I cannot wait to see them all when we are home at Christmas. 

Now I’m settled with my course I want to make sure I am still creating media alongside studying it. I’ve always been creative and found it hard to focus on more academic subjects so alongside my degree this blog is going to be my creative outlet. I pushed it aside last year and rediscovering it this summer has made me realise how much I enjoy having this platform to publish my views and work. This quote sums up me and will be my motivation for regular uploads, and to remind me that creating makes me happy and I shouldn’t have stopped because of the degree I am doing. To see some of my other work check out my portfolio here:

I hope nobody minds this overspill of irrelevant information, I just had so much to share and update you on! Thanks again for reading. 

Amelia x


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