Lessons Learned from the Woman Who Gave Me Everything and More

If anything she’s taught me more than I ever learned in school and the majority of the life lessons that have prepared me for where I am today. She is the woman I have always looked up to, admiring her beauty and courage. She is the wonderful lady I call mum, she is also the wonderful lady that has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to raising me and my younger brother. I will never be more grateful for what she has given up and gone through to give me everything and more. 

This week marks a new adventure; a new job, but not just a new job, the job she has been working towards since day one. Spending her evenings at university, working two jobs and writing assignments on weekends, while coping with two adolescents at her ear for attention, food and lifts to friends, football games and other activities. 

Now it’s time for you mum, and I couldn’t be prouder to call you that. So here are a few of the things that you have taught me throughout my childhood and as they come to a close, my teenage years…

Be Happy with What You Have

I’ve always been taught to appreciate what I have and the things I get to do. This is something I have done for as long as I can remember, I would always take a keepsake from different places such as rocks from a beach, confetti from a birthday, I once even kept a parking ticket from my first drive back to the town I grew up in once I had passed my test; I would keep anything that would remind me of that time. I used to keep them in a little jar, one for each year with a little comment on a piece of paper along with the object. This encouraged me to value the places I visited and the people I spent time with, which I believe sparked my passion for photography and capturing memories. 

How to Respect My Health and Appreciate Beauty

Going up around a beautiful, confident and empowering woman influenced the way I started to see myself growing into a woman. Although it was hard not to be impacted by the images I saw daily in the media of an ‘ideal body’, she always made me feel comfortable and happy about my own beauty and size. We were always cooked a delicious and healthy dinner, allowing us to eat clean and when I asked to join the gym she supported me, encouraging us to work out together, making it an enjoyable experience. 

Rise Above

I have always been lucky to have grown up with wonderful friends, friendships that will continue into adult hood. It has only been in the last few years that I have had to deal with difficult people who don’t necessarily have the same views as me. As a strong and motivated woman she reinforced to me the importance of being the bigger person and not letting others bring you down for their own personal gain. 

Believe in What You Are Capable of

There is never a time when she’s not trying something new, or persisting with something she is really passionate about. Since I knew I wanted to work in the creative industries I have always been supported, from endless college and university open days, to running around and assisting me with photographing a wedding, she has always been there to help me. Even now when I am stressed about a deadline or feel like university is putting me in the wrong direction she is always a phone call or a drive away to reassure me everything is going to be okay. 

How to Cook… (just about)

Okay so maybe I should say bake… For as long as I can remember we have been baking cakes, cookies, tarts or anything sweet for that matter. I can remember coming home from school and smelling cake in the oven or seeing a Victoria sponge cake on the side that she would whip up for us after finishing work. This has to be one of the best lessons a mum can teach their daughter, you can’t go wrong with a good sponge. 

Cooking on the other hand is something she tried so hard to teach me, I know the basics, but it just seems to be something I’m not so good at. Even when I was nine and went to cooking classes on a Saturday and then took a GCSE in food technology I was never a great chef. That said, I’ve been at university for 18 months now and haven’t yet poisoned myself or eaten a pot noodle for dinner so I guess I’ll get better with practise!

Spend Time with People Who Make You Happy

This pretty much explains itself but I have always been surrounded by people that value my company and I have always chosen to spend my time with positive people. My mum being one of them. 

So thank you for always making me laugh and although sometimes you drive me crazy I wouldn’t change you for the world. I know you’ve taught me a thousand more things than I have mentioned but I will never be more grateful that I have you in my life. I love you x


Amelia x


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