Brighton from 450ft | BA i360

Back in April, British Airways i360 got in touch with me after I wrote a blog post all about what I would like to achieve before graduating. One of those things was to visit the BA i360 and see my university hometown from the 450 ft in the air. I was incredibly lucky to be contacted by the marketing team who gifted us tickets. We planned the date for weeks, picking the best time to see the sunset over Brighton… Well, we couldn’t have picked a worse day weather-wise if we’d tried! That said, we could still see for miles and we almost had the whole pod to ourselves.




I’m so glad to say I’ve seen the place I’ve called home for three years from this perspective. I didn’t want to share too many photos and ruin it for anyone that is planning to go. Although if you are keen to go, keep an eye on the weather because I can imagine it’s even better when the sun is out!

– Amelia x



A massive thank you to the team at British Airways i360 who gifted me these tickets.


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