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It’s that time of year again – back to school and back to university banners are plastered over the shops claiming you need this and that before heading back into another year of education. While I definitely took my fair share of unnecessary items to university, there were a lot of things I soon realised that I needed. This time three years ago, I set off with two cars full to the brim with pretty much my whole life, I left almost nothing at home and headed to Brighton.

I have always been an over-packer, whether I’m going away for a night, a week or to uni, I like to take options and ‘just-in-case’ items that will never see the light of day after being packed into my bag. This never changed throughout my three years at university but I knew many people that travelled back and forwards on trains and didn’t have the luxury of filling up a car so I know that packing lightly for uni is 100% possible.

So, if you’re just settling yourself into your new student digs, these are some of the things you’re gonna want add to your Amazon basket and get them delivered asap…


Without a doubt the most important items for house shares. If you don’t live in loungewear 80% of the time then are you even a student? Slippers are also a must as the weather gets colder and if like me you live in an old uni house, you’ll feel every little draft. Also, student kitchens/bathrooms/anywhere, in general, are not usually nice places to be barefoot…


One to chat to the housemates about because in my first year we all decided against getting heaters for the sake of the electric bill. Looking back now I wish we hadn’t been so stingy, for the sake of a few more pounds, it would’ve been nice to be warm. A hot water bottle is a good back up for this if your housemates are being picky or you’re in a house without bills included!


Universities and student landlords love a fire door… There’s nothing worse than being locked out of your room, but also keeping it open makes it easier to chat with your housemates, which is vital in those first few weeks.


There’s nothing worse than coming back from a night out and bang, the light bulb blows. Although you probably won’t want to be switching lightbulbs after a night out, it’s always useful to have one handy for when that inevitably happens.


In my case, it was a waffle maker that turned out to be a pretty good toastie maker… Obviously not essential but went down very well with the housemates, and well who doesn’t like a toasted sandwich?!


You will never have enough main sockets, or if you do they will be tucked away behind every donated piece of furniture in the room.


Mainly for drinking games or poker nights but always handy to have in the house.


Things You Definitely Don’t Need:


This was a biiiiiiig mistake (sorry mum). I pretty much packed all of my summer and winter clothes, along with my shoes and coats… I didn’t even wear half of it and should have just taken the stuff I needed right there and then and saved the summer stuff for later in the year. Easy mistake to make, but if you can avoid it, then don’t worry about the 10 coats you *might* need for when it gets cold – you can go back and get them when it actually does.


You’ll never use them, we had 3 or 4 sat on the kitchen side every year at uni and I don’t think I once saw anyone use them. Everything can be accessed online nowadays and most people don’t venture too far away from basic pasta and rice dishes to need anything more.


They cost a bomb, the ink is a small fortune and the likelihood is that one of your housemates or coursemates has brought one with them and won’t mind occasionally printing the odd piece of work out for you.

So those are just a few of the items I recommend for students and those few that you can definitely leave behind… Have I missed anything you swore by or needed as soon as you arrived? Let me know in the comments!

-Amelia x


Also, my lovely childhood friend has just started up her own blog! She’s also talking all thing uni, with her latest post being all about going to university in a relationship – be sure to check it out!


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  1. October 21, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Usually Universities will give you a budget for printing which you can spend throughout the year and top up as needed but I was that idiot that brought a printer as well. It is good if you are hurriedly trying to print something before a 9am deadline and do not want to wait for the printer in the library, but then again, I did drive to University so at least I did not have to carry everything myself. xx

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