Becoming a Social Media Assistant | Q&A

Last week I asked you guys over on Instagram if you had any questions about my new job as a Social Media Assistant. I’ve only been in the role for just over a month so I’m still getting to grips with this new style of working but so far I am loving it! So, for those of you that were curious, here are my answers…

What does a typical day look like?

As I am only a part-time social media assistant every day is completely different for me! Even for the full-time social media managers, I know that no two days are the same. I have a certain amount of posts that need to go out each week for my clients, some are scheduled and some will be posted on the day. This means I still have time to study, meet with friends, go to the gym etc in the day if I have some content scheduled beforehand. If I have posts already scheduled this means that one of my days earlier in the week would’ve been spent batch planning content for the week ahead.

How did you get into this role?

I graduated with a degree in Media, Industry and Innovation which included modules on social media, PR and digital marketing which all have been useful in settling into my role. After graduation I spent a lot of time looking for odd roles that were local to Southampton which could accompany my master’s degree, I stumbled across this job, filled in an application and then an initial meeting and formal interview later I found out the job was mine!

What is the most difficult part of the job?

The hardest part is actually being part-time! This might not make much sense but as I work mostly remotely away from the office, it can become hard to know just how much time I should be spending on each client/task. If I were full-time I know that 9-5 my attention would be on the jobs I have to complete for the week. However, being part-time means sometimes I feel guilty for being away from my laptop for a half a day or just when I go out to visit a friend – obviously, I can work on the go with my phone but the hardest part is not having that obvious line between work and pleasure.

How did you get into this after uni?

Similarly to the question about how I got into the role, I finished university in May/June but kept my job as a sales assistant for a little while longer. I knew I was starting a master’s in September so it was ideal for me while studying. Once the course had started I felt as though I really wanted to be working in the industry, my degree set me up with the relevant skills so I thought f*ck it I’ll just start applying.

At this point I was even applying for full-time positions in London, I wasn’t putting my full attention into my master’s so I was willing to go into a full-time role if something suitable came up. For some reason I had in my head that part-time roles would be impossible to find, however, I found a fair few to apply to locally in Hampshire. I’m glad I stuck with the part-time job as I have fallen back in love with my master’s course and gotten used to my postgrad uni routine.

Any tips?

All I can recommend is to do your research beforehand. Going into an interview feeling prepared and knowing your stuff about the company will always pay off! Oh and just be yourself, I know its so cliche, but they will want to see what your personality is like so that they can see how well you’ll fit into their team.

What experience did you need prior?

My degree set me up with a lot of knowledge of social media and digital marketing which definitely helped but I know of other members of the team that have studied English and other communication-related degrees. Also, my blog and possibly even my portfolio set me up with a fair amount of experience in social media and marketing. So really it depends, just as long as you can show that you’re able to fill the job spec.

What rocks? And what sucks?

Finally working in a role that’s in the area of what I want to do (not 100% sure what that is yet) is pretty cool and I’m really enjoying working with a small team. Giraffe is the agency, we are based in Portsmouth and because the team is relatively small, I have already been able to have my say in things and had opportunities to cover social media manager roles and broaden my skills.

I am struggling to actually think of something that sucks about it so far… I guess I could say that working remotely has been a bit of a shock for me. From always being around people as a sales assistant to suddenly working from home mostly and balancing uni, that was a bit difficult to get my head around as I started just before Christmas – but all seems to be working out well at the moment!

Do you manage messages coming in/out or do you manage the page entirely from posting to pictures?

It’s different for each client that I manage, which is currently three usual clients and then every so often I cover clients when my colleagues are on holiday. As an assistant I focus on the deliverables, so tweets, Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and occasionally Linkedin and Google posts. I produce the content and post for the clients, and when I am covering a social media manager role that is when I will have direct contact with the client, any other time the communication goes through them. Some clients also require engagement on their pages so I do reply to comments and messages but mainly I am planning, producing and posting content!

So those are just some of the questions you guys wanted answering! If you would like to know anything else, pop your question down in the comments and I’ll answer it for you!

Thanks for reading!

-Amelia x


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