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Co-working – one of the latest buzzwords being thrown around the creative industries. Put simply, it’s “the use of an office or other working environments by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.” In an industry that heavily relies on freelancers, self-employed individuals, start-up companies and talent from every corner of the world, it’s becoming a very normal working practice for media workers like myself.

As someone who studies, alongside working part-time as a social media assistant, it can sometimes get lonely working from home. As well as loneliness and low production levels, I also lack many of the basic facilities that are needed to perform my job and to assist my studies. For example, my home WiFi runs at a snail pace (yeah, thanks for that Virgin). I also don’t actually have a desk to work from if other members of my family are also working at home, and finally, as much as I love my puppy, it’s not the easiest to get work done when she wants to sit right in the way…

So, enter a co-working space. Endless desk space for my abundance of notebooks and highlighters. Plenty of opportunities to network with other like-minded creatives. Quiet spaces for when I need to take a phone call. Large meeting rooms for groups of creatives to work together. Endless tea and coffee. And most of all, somewhere that gets me out of the house. Pretty perfect, ay? Well, for me anyway.

I was lucky enough to be invited to preview Platf9rm’s new ground floor co-working space, located in the vacant area of Hove Town Hall. I only spent the afternoon here but my goodness, my productivity levels were through the roof. I have always been someone that would rather work around people or in a coffee shop, so Platf9rm was perfect for me!


I was so busy writing blog posts and getting my posting done for work that I hardly took any photos of the space! It’s huge and this is just one section of the main area, check out their Instagram @Platf9rm to see more of their gorgeous interiors!

Monthly memberships start from £99 per month and it includes so many extra perks! You get full access to all the shared areas including phone booths, meeting booths, seating and coworking areas, fresh locally roasted coffee, tea and refreshments (beers on a Friday afternoon!), monthly socials and access to their events! These are just a few of the main benefits of using a co-working space such as Platf9rm. (Plus they are opening a plant-based kitchen/cafe! It wasn’t finished when I visited for the day)

Industry events (especially in Brighton as there are SO many incredible projects and businesses here) offer professionals a way to stay on top of news and developments in their local networks. Just in the few hours, I was at Platf9rm, I had three people come over and chat to me and ask about what I did and get to know what I was doing in the co-working spaces. For someone who works independently and is looking for a great way to network and collaborate- these spaces are ideal.


As well as the beautiful workspaces created by local designers, they also have pink toilets. They will defo give Redroaster and The Ivy some competition for the most instagrammable bathroom in Brighton…


Within the industry I work in, the classic 9-5 working hours are slowly making their way out. Flexible hours, remote workers and international clients/offices make this working practice slightly outdated. The rapidly rising adoption of mobile technology means work is quickly creeping into our afterwork hours. It’s important within this busy society to take a break and co-working spaces allow for the ideal balance of work and play in their spaces. They also give us working independently a chance to step away from home allowing you to associate your home with relaxation and pleasure rather than with work.

A massive thank you to Platf9rm for hosting me for the afternoon and to anyone after any more details on the space, here’s their website!

– Amelia x

*This blog posts contains a gifted trip to Platf9rm, all opinions and images are my own*








  1. Sharice
    March 26, 2019 / 1:28 pm

    This is such a great concept…it’s amazing how an environment affects levels of focus and productivity. Never thought about finding spaces other than the library or coffee shop to do work in. Definitely going to be on the look out for spaces like this around Southampton! x

    • ameliagilmoreblog
      March 26, 2019 / 6:56 pm

      They are really great! Some are on a subscription basis but others you can purchase day passes and then make the most of the facilities while you’re there (free coffee ✌?)

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