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It seems crazy to me saying I’ve been blogging for five years now! It feels like just yesterday I published my first ever post… It didn’t really say much, just me rambling on about having a blog (dig it out if you wish but it’s not very exciting!) Anyway, here I am five years later, not a clue in the world what this website would’ve done for me when I hit publish for the first time. From friends to new cities to city breaks to jobs, this blog has helped me in ways I would’ve never imagined. I wish I could go back and tell 17 year old me that everything was gonna get *so* much better than it was at that time in my life.

I had done my first year at college, I still had my wonderful school friends but I wasn’t fitting in with many of my new coursemates as I had gone from feeling my happiest at the end of school to feeling my lowest and least confident at college. I started writing for fun and using the photos I was already taking for college as content. I won’t say this blog was the reason I got through those feelings, but it definitely helped me grow in confidence as I started to not care so much if people saw what I was posting online. Don’t get me wrong it took me a while to promote my posts via social media but eventually, I just thought who cares – I’m enjoying this!

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Then came uni and living in Brighton where I put myself out there as everyone was new so the concept of people actually reading what I posted didn’t bother me as much. I also had more time to write and more content to produce as my lifestyle had changed and I was in a position to post more. I quickly realised that there was a lively and active community of bloggers in the city so took the leap and started connecting with people online. This opened me up to so many new blogs, new places to visit, coffee spots to try and a whole lot of people writing great stuff about the city I found myself in.

Fast forward those three years at uni, a lot of blogger events later and I would say I have met some of the absolute loveliest bloggers from the Brighton and Hove community. Some I continue to see and class as good friends too! I really do believe that Brighton is one of the main reasons I still have this blog and I love that I’ve been able to facilitate it through uni.


I would say the only low of having my blog came this week when I dabbled in the hosting/http/SSL madness that comes with running a website. This resulted in my blog and portfolio both being offline without back-ups, calls to every (no exaggeration) hosting provider on the planet and a breakdown later and I was back up online after three days of my website being ‘lost’ on the web somewhere… Anyway, on to some of the highlights! I think I’ll pick my top five otherwise I could be writing this forever…

Amsterdam with Tea Tree and Witchhazel:

I would be silly not to mention this – in February 2018 I headed to Amsterdam as part of a community of bloggers creating content for Tea Tree and Witchhazel. I was selected along with a few other bloggers in the community to receive a complimentary Europe City Break. We spent two very quick days in Amsterdam exploring the city, eating good food, taking lots of photos and creating content for the brand.


Bobbi Brown event and Interning:

This was the last event I attended while living as a student in Brighton, so it felt like a significant one for me! Also, during the event, I got talking to Bobbi Browns PR team and used this opportunity to network, which subsequently lead onto me doing an internship with them during the summer. (If you know me you’ll know just how much I loved this internship and the opportunity to work in the Estée Lauder London HQ!)


The Ivy and Fatboy Slim:

Another highlight was receiving an invite to The Ivy in The Laines opening party, and boy did they throw us a party. We were told there would be a surprise DJ and word got out that it would be Fatboy Slim… Quite a few sloe gin proseccos later, we made our way over to where the music was coming from to discover it was, in fact, Fatboy Slim. The night was made as I plastered the photo I got with him all over my families group chat… Safe to say my mum and uncle were just a little bit jealous!


Jo Malone events with West/East Sussex bloggers:

Two wonderful events organised by the lovely Katie Kirk for a wonderful group of bloggers from the South Coast! The event itself was such good fun but this was the first event where I met up with people attending first and got the train to Chichester with them. It gave me the chance to get to know everyone and meet new bloggers that I hadn’t met before! Both events were so much fun and such a good chance to get to know a variety of bloggers from different niches.


Getting my first job in Social Media:

I always say I believe that my blog played a big part in allowing me to get a job in social. Despite studying media at university, my blog justified up everything I had learnt and showcased it in a way that was unique to me. I’m sure the degree helped a lot too but I am lucky that I’m able to use this blog as a way to assist me with my career.


So those are just a few of my highlights, but to celebrate five years of blogging I’m hosting my first ever giveaway. To win this beauty bundle, head to my Instagram to enter now! UK entries only, ends on 31/07/2019.


Enough rambling from me, here’s to another five!

-Amelia x


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  1. July 28, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    Congratulations! I cannot believe you have been blogging for 5 years – that is such a long time! It sounds like your blog has grown just as much as you have and I wish you every success going forwards. xx

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