Exploring Southampton’s Heritage | God’s House Tower [Press Trip]


I think we’ve all said at one point “there’s nothing to do” in our hometowns. I’m guilty, I’ve thrown that phrase around for the past year and a half while living back at home after uni and well to be honest with myself, there’s plenty to do if you go looking for it!

God’s House Tower first appealed to me because it was a new place to grab a coffee and it was my end of the city centre so I thought it was the perfect spot. It wasn’t until I went to meet a friend I realised how much there was to do inside. I was lucky enough to be invited back by their lovely team to explore the facilities and learn more about the history of my hometown.

Not only is it home to Hoxton Bakehouse (for coffee and cake in the day and quirky ales and tinned wine in the evening) it’s also a cutting edge arts and heritage venue. So let me take you round (without spoiling too much for anyone wishing to pay a visit)…


Their exhibitions have been carefully curated to draw out the most fascinating aspects of GHT’s history, and the building’s place within the social, political and physical landscape, not only of Southampton, but of England’s historic South Coast.


GHT’s dark history with Stories Behind the Stones is the main exhibition where each floor takes you on a journey in time, from the 14th century sacking of Southampton to stunning views over the modern-day city.


The Crawford room had everybody mesmerised. It’s beautiful high ceilings, wooden beams and exposed brickwork makes for a beautiful venue. The current exhibition in this room has been produced by Solent University graduate Kane Applegate.

Transition tells the story of how God’s House Tower was repaired, renovated and repurposed to become Southampton’s new arts and heritage venue in 2019. Photographic documentation, taken by staff at ‘a space’ arts, is exhibited alongside a newly commissioned artwork by Kane Applegate, as well as a recorded conversation between Kane Applegate and director Daniel Crow.


There is so much more to explore at God’s House Tower and it’s a wonderful way to learn about the heritage and history of Southampton’s walls. It’s made me realise just how interesting my hometown is and there’s now a wonderful venue to discover all of this history!

For more details about God’s House Tower and to see what’s going on over the next few weeks please visit: http://godshousetower.org.uk/  and you’ll find all the info you need over there!

A big thanks to GHT for the wonderful tour and chance to learn about Southampton’s heritage.

Thanks for reading!

-Amelia x


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