The Dyson Airwrap – Is It Worth the £££?

I’ve been so excited to write this post since I first got my hands on a Dyson Airwrap in November 2020. I’d been eyeing them up for so long that I’m pretty sure I watched every video review and tutorial on YouTube. I had it sitting in my basket for months before I finally took the plunge. It felt like a big deal just because of the sheer amount of money I was spending on a hair tool but I told myself when I first started looking that if I still wanted one in 6 months time then it definitely won’t be an impulse purchase. Although the fact the copper version was released just in time for my six-month deadline definitely swayed me to hit the pay now button.

TLDR; Yes, it’s worth every penny!

I’ve never been the person to hop into the hairdressers’ chair and ask for a complete change of style or colour. I still make the trip home from London to visit the lovely lady who has been cutting my hair since I was six years old. The poor woman had to deal with my constant tears in her salon because between the ages of 6-10 I absolutely hated having my fringe cut. I would come home and bawl my eyes out, pulling the straighteners through my fringe to make sure it sat at *exactly* the right place on my forehead because I couldn’t deal with the feeling of it being any other way. I can only imagine her relief when I told her I wanted to grow it out ready for secondary school.

Despite these tantrums, she still cuts my hair now and is a really close friend of my mums. (Thank god I didn’t scare her away!) The most drastic of hair cuttings she’s done for me was a few years ago when I had 9 inches cut off to donate to The Little Princess Trust, leaving me with what most people would still class as ‘long hair’. My point is I’ve never ever felt confident styling my hair or changing it in any way but the Dyson Airwrap has allowed me to have a salon-quality blow-dry that makes it feel okay to have my boring/plain hairstyle because I feel like I’ve actually done something to my hair.

Initial impressions:

Oh god have I really just spent that much money on a hairdryer – major guilt, major guilt. *Opens box* oh it’s so pretty.

I won’t lie it took me a looong time to get the hang of how to use all the tools, especially because my hair is thick it took a while to know just how damp my hair needed to be for styling, how much to section my hair and how long to use the hot/cool shot. I fully expected this as I’m not even clued up on how to dry my hair properly with a hairdryer – I would just flip upside down, blow scalding hot air in every direction and sleep on it so getting used to brushes, barrels and the Coanda effect certainly took some time.


Once I had figured out exactly how to make it work for my hair I was absolutely blown away by the fact I could go from wet to dry AND styled hair in just half an hour without any extreme heat. If that wasn’t enough to convince me just look at those big bouncy curls!

Curls created with 30mm Airwrap barrels

It’s been 5 months and I haven’t picked up a hairdryer or pair of straighteners and my split ends are few and far between and my hair feels so much lighter. Even when using the smoothing brush to straighten my hair, I much prefer the natural straight effect that the Dyson Airwrap gives me over the dead straight look from my straighteners.

The noticeable difference for me (other than the curls) was how after using each attachment my hair appears visibly shinier, smoother and less frizzy which for someone who wants to spend as little time as possible actually styling their hair – this is the perfect tool for me.

One thing I would note is the curls will drop, which I think is because of the lower heat setting. I have found that using the cool shot for a good 10 seconds and then pinning definitely helps keep the curls bouncy for longer. If I want second day curls I can usually get away with spritzing a small amount of water onto the ends and curling the ones that have dropped. I think the thickness of my hair plays a big part in this but sometimes my second day curls look a little more like natural beachy waves so I don’t mind!

Final thoughts:

Yes, it’s expensive but like any worthwhile product, the price is high due to the product quality and guarantee of many years of successful use & hair health. It’s definitely an investment, no doubt about it but it’s one that should be worth considering if you’re looking for an easy all-round tool to help you up your hair game.

It’s no lie that this tool has completely changed my relationship with my hair and my routine for the better. I could chat all day about the different features, barrels and attachments but you’d be best off checking here for all the specifics. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram!

-Amelia x



  1. March 27, 2021 / 9:56 pm

    ahh I’ve wanted a dyson air wrap for so long! Your hair looks amazing in those photos, they’re just so so expensive haha! Maybe one day I’ll get one hahah!

    Courtney x |

    • ameliagilmoreblog
      April 6, 2021 / 5:04 pm

      Thank you lovely! It’s defo worth the investment if you get the chance 💘

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