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I’m Amelia, a twenty-something blogger and social media content creator living in London ✨

You'll probably find me in a coffee shop, with my cockapoo puppy and cappuccino in hand ☕

Join me as embark on my adventures as an advertising graduate, amateur photographer and Instagram addict, navigating my twenties one coffee shop at a time.

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Planning for a Budget City Break | Travel Tips

City breaks are my favourite type of holiday; a few days of soaking up the culture, (and sometimes sunshine) eating new foods and walking double the number of steps I would in a week back…


2010 | 2020

2010-2020 – You’ve been one heck of a decade. I did the majority of my growing up in the last 10 years, moved away to uni, lost loved ones, met new people and started my…


The Independent Coffee Shops you have to Visit | Brighton & Hove

1. Laughing Dog How could I not kick this off with my all-time favourite – Laughing Dog in the Brighton Marina. I owe this place a lot, considering it was where I wrote the majority of…


Manhattan | The Food Guide

Here’s where I get into the good stuff – where we ate in Manhattan! From iconic pizza slices and street cart pretzels to rooftop cocktails and Instagram worthy food spots – you can find it…


The Forgotten Items | The Uni Series

It’s that time of year again – back to school and back to university banners are plastered over the shops claiming you need this and that before heading back into another year of education. While…


Top Apps for Students | The Uni Series

Nowadays there’s an app for everything, whether you’re organising your deadlines, keeping track of your spending or taking notes in a lecture, the app store has everything you need. This guide should guarantee you have…