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I’m Amelia, a twenty-something blogger and social media content creator living in London ✨

You'll probably find me in a coffee shop, with my cockapoo puppy and cappuccino in hand ☕

Join me as embark on my adventures as an advertising graduate, amateur photographer and Instagram addict, navigating my twenties one coffee shop at a time.

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Let’s Talk About Social Media Influencers

I wanted to touch on a topic today that everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion on at the moment.  ‘Influencers’. I don’t know about you but the word is starting to make…


Becoming a Social Media Assistant | Q&A

Last week I asked you guys over on Instagram if you had any questions about my new job as a Social Media Assistant. I’ve only been in the role for just over a month so…


Manhattan | The Food Guide

Here’s where I get into the good stuff – where we ate in Manhattan! From iconic pizza slices and street cart pretzels to rooftop cocktails and Instagram worthy food spots – you can find it…


Winter Skincare Saviours #AD

I’ve always struggled with my skin in winter, as most people probably do. It’s important to change up your routine with the seasons as the weather can really damage your skin just as it can…


New York City | Avoiding the Tourist Traps *kinda*

You could argue that almost all of New York is touristy, from the hustle and bustle of 5th Avenue to the beautiful scenes in Central Park, you will never be able to fully escape the…


Dear 2018.

It’s that time again, just a few days to go until we are plunged into the never-ending month of January… (It might be just me but it always seems to feel like the longest month…