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I’m Amelia, a twenty-something blogger and social media content creator living in London ✨

You'll probably find me in a coffee shop, with my cockapoo puppy and cappuccino in hand ☕

Join me as embark on my adventures as an advertising graduate, amateur photographer and Instagram addict, navigating my twenties one coffee shop at a time.

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Beauty Pie | Is It Worth the Hype?

Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to that has tried this members-only beauty club has become quickly obsessed. Myself included – my basket is rarely empty and I was sure to make a detour to the…


Let The Hunger Games Begin | My Graduate Job Search

TLDR; it’s soul crushing but it’s worth it. I’ve had the title of this post in my drafts for probably about 9 months as I planned to write about the graduate job search after finishing…


2010 | 2020

2010-2020 – You’ve been one heck of a decade. I did the majority of my growing up in the last 10 years, moved away to uni, lost loved ones, met new people and started my…


Exploring Southampton’s Heritage | God’s House Tower [Press Trip]

I think we’ve all said at one point “there’s nothing to do” in our hometowns. I’m guilty, I’ve thrown that phrase around for the past year and a half while living back at home after…


The Independent Coffee Shops you have to Visit | Brighton & Hove

1. Laughing Dog How could I not kick this off with my all-time favourite – Laughing Dog in the Brighton Marina. I owe this place a lot, considering it was where I wrote the majority of…


The New Bill’s Southampton | Press Visit

Vibrant colours, insta-worthy cocktails, ‘The Ivy’ styled details, oh and a blooming cute flower wall! The new Bill’s Southampton has re-opened now with seasonal specials on the menu and summery desserts. Perfectly enjoyed in the…