Hi, I’m Amelia!

Iā€™m Amelia, a twenty-something blogger and social media content creator living in London āœØ

You'll probably find me in a coffee shop, with my cockapoo puppy and cappuccino in hand ā˜•

Join me as embark on my adventures as an advertising graduate, amateur photographer and Instagram addict, navigating my twenties one coffee shop at a time.

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The Thing with Social Media

Have you ever posted something on social media, instantly regretted it and taken it down seconds later? We’ve all been there whether it was a selfie that didn’t get any likes in the first few minutes…



LA, California. INSTAGRAM


Bombay, Brighton and Birthdays

My week on Instagram Bombay Bicycle Club A few snapshots from Bombay Bicycle Club’s So Long, See You Tomorrow Tour with Holly. One of my favourite albums of 2014, with Carry Me being one of…


888,246 poppies

After journeying all the way up to London on a Friday night to look at the Tower of London Poppies, turns out half of them have already been taken down. Trust my family to turn up…


Autumn, I love you

5 things that are making me happy 1. autumn colours who needs an Instagram filter when you have natural autumn colours? clothes, leaves, the sky all captured effortlessly with a natural sun flared sepia tone 2.…


So its been a while…

RUN OR DYE Such an experience, I would definitely recommend this to everyone! I will definitely be doing it again next year šŸ™‚  SIGN UP FOR RUN OR DYE check out Luce’s go pro video…